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As a B2B consumer electronics company, we totally understand the importance of building a firm relationship with our clients. The motto of Dorfun is "make the life better", no matter what is your nationality, your age, your race or your experience, if you have the ambition to occupy the market, and believe that you can create value for your customers, then you are the person we are looking for.

How we support you

Technology support

We are confident about our knowledge and experience about our products as a designer and manufacturer of consumer electronics. We will provide you the technology support of the product, and try our best to answer your questions. You do not need to be confused about the difference between various chip brands or the feature of different materials any more. It's our honor to tell you the answer. 

Industry trend

Since 2016, our company will purchase market reports from authorities of market research industry, such as global wireless charger report, 2018 US eCommerce report, etc. Combining the report content with our own experience accumulated from the business, we are proud to gain a vision of the whole industry and keep up with the trend. We are glad to share the information with our partners, and help them catch the next boom.

One year warranty

All the products of Dorfun enjoys one-year warranty. Although it's inevitable to have inferior products during manufacture process, we try our best to reach an optimal balance between speed and quality. All of our products will go through at least 3 QC phases: raw material check, semi-finished goods check and before-package check. If you receive an inferior product, we will exchange a new one for you.

What are you waiting for? It's our proud to hear from you!

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Phone: +86 15054817197

Whatsapp: +86 15054817197

Email: business@dorfun.com

​Skype account: andy_22952

Facebook: DorfunChina

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dorfun

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Phone: +86 15054817197

Whatsapp: +86 15054817197

Email: business@dorfun.com

​Skype account: andy_22952

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